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Positive Reinforcement Training

Pawsitive Puppy Dog’s training’s method is Positive Reinforcement with treats and a clicker. We reinforce the behaviors we want by marking them with a click, and reinforcing them with a treat. We do not correct unwanted behaviors because the dog will continue to do what gets reinforced and eliminate what doesn’t. 


Training is a process of repetitions, in small steps, which takes ti consistency and patience. There are no quick fixes by use of prongs, choke collars or shock collars at Pawsitive Puppy Dog Training.


When training starts and new behaviors are introduced, be aware that lots of high value treats will be used. Once behaviors are learned, lower value treats can be used and then tapered off. 


After professional training has ended, be sure to keep up with it on your own by teaching new skills and refreshing old ones.  

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